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The Society Of Study Of Pain , Pune Chapter founded in 2014 by senior clinician Dr. Madhuri Lokapur.

ISSP (National)
The Indian movement on pain management started in early eighties by senior clinicians namely Dr. Pritam Singh, Dr.Saini, Dr.Bhattacharya, Dr.Pramila Chari, Dr.Yajnik.S.,Dr.Sushila Shah, Dr.Akram Lal, Dr.Kumar.P., Dr.Pandey.K.,Dr.Bhatia.M.T.,Dr.Rastogi.V.,Dr.Sharma.K.N. and many others.

The Indian Society for Study of Pain (ISSP) was formed in the year 1984. The First President was Dr.Akram Lal, Secretary was Dr.Rastogi.V. and Treasurer Dr.Kumar.P. The Society conducted its First National Conference in the year 1985 at Varanasi. The society’s journal ‘Indian Journal of Pain’ was started in the year 1985 under editorship of Dr.S.Yajnik. The Society was acknowledged as Indian chapter of International Association for Study of Pain (IASP)in the year 1987. ISSP entered silver jubilee year of its formation in 2009.

ISSP has become a strong body with very sound base formed by a team of dedicated, senior members. It is a matter of pride for all of us that the membership has increased to more than 1300 members and almost 25 different specialties are part of this Organization. Regular academic activities at national & state level exhibit the interest of our members to learn more & more on techniques of pain- relief, training fellowship for junior member adds to this interest. Older traditions and myths are slowly but definitely getting out of the people’s mind. Today, with so many advances in the techniques and medicines, we are definitely in a better position to treat almost all types of pain.

Pain has been an integral part of mankind and still continues to be an unsolved problem. Understanding and management of pain is an important consideration and a birthright of every individual.

Keeping pain relief as common goal, group of professionals interested in pain management started the International Association for Study of Pain (IASP) in the year 1974. It was Dr. John Bonica who brought the physicians and scientists on this common platform to fight against pain. He is aptly termed as ‘Father of Pain Management’.


SSP Pune got the best city branch award of the year 2017 by ISSP at the ISSPCON 2018,New Delhi.